Advisory Services


Our staff is dedicated to providing a genuine white-glove service experience.

For example, we provide every client a complimentary subscription to eMoney. The eMoney platform allows us to automate and streamline parts of the planning process by dynamically monitoring assets and liabilities such as business interests, cash accounts, investments, insurance policies, ESOP programs, etc. The program maintains a holistic view of your family's net worth, cash flow projections and stress test results. 

As a client, you enjoy the benefits of a team that delivers conflict-free advice regarding custodial and banking relationships that are best for your family. A simple call or email from a client, and we can support all banking needs, such as: money wires, ACH transfers, issuing new debit and credit cards, checks etc. We are here to vigorously serve your planning, investment and banking needs.


Our investment committee carefully considers your family's specific goals in order to design, implement and manage customized strategies.

Portfolio progress is monitored in real time, not simply by the week, month or quarter. This allows our committee to make changes when certain parameters are met to ensure perpetual alignment of the strategy and your investment objectives. 

Most investors believe a proper blend of equities and fixed income will provide the best opportunity to achieve target returns over extended periods of time. Unfortunately, market volatility has a tendency to attract emotional decisions that will create performance friction. Many Pine Valley Investment clients identify with our solution set because we manage portfolio overlays around various asset classes that deliver attractive, less-correlated and improved risk-adjusted absolute returns.


Our open architecture ensures your best interests are always met.

Our firm aligns with leading independent planners, lawyers, insurance providers, accountants, trust administrators and other industry experts while still sitting on your side of the table. 

These strategic relationships with industry leaders assist us in advising your family on how to best accumulate, preserve and grow wealth in order to effectively transfer this wealth across multiple generations.


Pine Valley Investments can provide a review of your company's existing defined contribution and defined benefit plans.

Our team designs and manages 401(k) plans for companies seeking a more flexible and robust investment solution.  

We also advise on individuals' qualified retirement accounts. Examples of these qualified accounts may include the following: Cash Balance Plan, Single Participant 401(k), SEP IRA, Simple IRA,Roth IRA, Roth 401(k).


We assist clients with the process of partnering with investment bankers in the event they choose to sell a closely held business.

Our aim is to ensure that your firm aligns with the group most capable of delivering the optimal deal structure for your family.


The Pine Valley Investments team leverages our large network of vetted professionals that are focused on serving the additional needs of our clients.

Some of these specialists may include: accounting, legal, borrowing, group health insurance and benefit plans, credit lines, specialty lending, business loans, private equity, venture capital, etc.