Meet Our Team

Our investment professionals have diverse educational and career backgrounds. 
We believe the best way to maintain a deeper understanding of investment priorities for our clients is to attract and retain proven professionals with varying perspectives and experiences. 


Who We Are

Our members have been successful as institutional market makers, proprietary
equity and options traders, portfolio managers, risk managers, investment
advisors, business owners and insurance specialists.

Our varying educational backgrounds include bachelors, masters, legal and
doctorate degrees from leading institutions where studies have included: economics, engineering, finance, information systems and technology, journalism, labor studies
and law. These experiences provide us with the necessary perspective to develop
effective processes to better achieve your family's investment goals. 

How We Are Regulated

Pine Valley Investments is regulated by Federal, State,
and self-regulatory agencies, including those listed below.


SEC-registered investment advisory group |  856 - 334 - 8260

1810 Chapel Ave W - Suite 250
Cherry Hill, NJ 08002

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