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Our Clients

Our Clients

Our clients include affluent families and individuals at every stage of their personal and professional lives, from the various stages of wealth accumulation through retirement, estate planning and the transfer of wealth through generations.  

At PVI, our clients benefit from our personalized approach to providing optimal financial guidance through customized and credible analysis. Through it all, we remain steadfastly committed to protecting your legacy and to helping your wealth grow over time, despite market uncertainties.

Business Owner

Business Owners

For our clients owning their own entities, PVI prioritizes a risk management plan that protects wealth that has been accumulated and recognizes that personal finances need to be overseen and managed with the same diligence and wherewithal as the business asset.

PVI provides comprehensive succession planning for the management team and/or family and delivers guidance relative to liquidity in order to provide for future tax and other liabilities. While keeping with the entrepreneurial spirit, we also assist in creating opportunity for future creativity and innovation and support ways to give back to the community.

Affluent Families

At PVI, we recognize that oversight and administration of family assets within a portfolio are paramount. Our clients remain at ease knowing that PVI protects multigenerational wealth and delivers comprehensive analysis and guidance when it comes to estate planning and aligning finances to shifting dynamics that families may encounter.

Our team of experts handle everything from cash-flow and balance sheet needs to providing advice on educating future generations about the value of wealth.  When a family member is the designated CIO we can provide a robust support system for that decision maker when it comes to wealth transfer planning, risk management and vetting of other service professionals. 

Executives and Management

Corporate Executives
& Management

Our highly accomplished corporate executive clients come to us for advice in understanding their companies’ complex compensation packages, which often result in highly concentrated company stock positions, and identifying the best ways to protect that asset.

PVI serves these busy executives in every aspect of financial planning, including cash flow management, creating an income tax plan that aligns company plans with personal goals, and integrating investment assets in company plans with outside portfolios.

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