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TD Ameritrade AdvisorClient

Gain online access to your account:

Once you complete these steps, you will be able to view your account balances, positions, transaction history, statements, tax documents, and more.



Click "Get Started".

Then enter the User ID your advisor provided to you and your ZIP code. If your advisor has not provided you with a User ID, you may enter your account number and your ZIP code. You can create your own User ID once your identity has been validated.


A Security Code will be generated and provided to you via phone or email. Enter the Security Code where indicated.


Review the list of accounts that will automatically be attached to your user profile. You may remove any of  these accounts from appearing in AdvisorClient by clicking the "Remove" link to the right of the account number. To remove accounts after the initial setup:

- Click Client Services from the site menu

- Under My Profile, click UserID Settings

- Find the "Accounts associated with my UserID" section and click the Edit link to the right of that section


Choose your communication preferences


If you would like to have
real-time streaming quotes, you will need to review and accept the Exchange Agreements. To do so, simply:

- Select if you are a professional or non-professional

- Click the check box that you agree to the terms and conditions

- Click continue

To accept the Exchange Agreements after the initial setup, please visit the UserID settings page.

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